We arrived in Pucallpa, Peru on Saturday. Pucallpa is about 300 miles east of Lima, over the Andes Mountains and into the jungle of Peru.  We actually are only about 70 miles from the Peru/Brazil border.


Upon arriving in Pucallpa, we had the chance to visit a friend of Don’s that is working here in Pucallpa with Wycliffe Bible Translators as an airplane mechanic.  We had a great time visiting with the Kooistra family, taking a boat ride, and cooling off with a swim in the river.  We also got a tour of the hangar and heard a lot about the work  mission aviation is accomplishing in the jungle.


We are seeing how small of a world it truly is…as we were touring the hangar yesterday, a guy came in and met our family.  When he was introduced to “Don Williams” he said, “I was just talking about a guy named Don Williams.  He was a missionary in Colombia, and a guy you would want on your security team!” Donnie explained that was his Dad.  They talked for a bit about Don Sr. and the lasting effect he has had on so many.  Don Sr. was a great man of God that had a heart as big as his calves!


Here in Pucallpa, Kids Alive has a care center that runs programs for children and will be opening a children’s home in the next few weeks.  We are staying at the care center with all the KAI missionaries from throughout Peru for the next week as they have their conference.  We are volunteering during the conference by keeping all the missionary kids busy while their parents are in meetings.  (We will have about 30 kids each day.) On the agenda is nail painting, rainbow looming, fishing for piranhas, and lots of soccer.


It is nice a warm and humid…exactly like you would expect a jungle to be.  It is also FULL of mosquitoes. Holy cow, there is no joking about mosquitoes here.  (We are thankful that we got the Yellow Fever vaccine and have been taking our malaria pills!)  I have never experienced this amount of mosquitoes…and they are huge!  They sound like a jet plane while buzzing in your ear and are like a vampire with the amount of blood they take.


We are looking forward to this week in the jungle and having a chance to hang out with a bunch of kids…stay tuned for some jungle adventures!