“Man makes his plans and God directs his steps…”  Proverbs 16:9

After a few tours of the Brazilian Embassy, the US Embassy and all of Lima, we have gotten the final word on Brazil…NO.  We were hopeful that a signed and notarized letter from the US Embassy would be sufficient to get our visas, but the Brazilian Embassy would not grant our visas.  We are all disappointed, but have a peace in knowing that God has already directed our steps in a different direction.

On a side note, we enjoyed our “tour” of the US Embassy!  It truly looks like a fortress in the middle of the city and we were all impressed with the professionalism, kindness and sympathy we were shown.  Proud to be an American!

We have enjoyed exploring Kids Alive International here in Lima and will be at the Kids Alive children’s home in the jungle all next week. During that time, we will continue to work on our replacement plans for Brazil.

South America is not lacking any places to explore or people to meet!  In fact, Don talked with a guy that is working in the mountains in Peru and had worked closely with his parents in Ecuador.  We were wondering how we could fit in a visit to them….now we have time.  We would welcome prayer for our replacement plans to come together.

In one of our travel books it read, “Flexibility is the requirement for survival” and Albert Einstein wrote, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.  We are learning daily the joy of flexibility and may be freaking geniuses by the time we get home.  :)