Since we have been fighting flus, fevers and runny noses, I need to catch you up on our other activities this week!

On Tuesday, we had the chance to see another way God is at work here in Quito: La Roca Skate Ministry.  We met with Brock, the guy who leads this ministry here in the heart of the city.  La Roca Skate Ministry reaches out to street kids (mostly boys) that are interested in learning how to skateboard or who are already involved in skating.  The skateboard community in the city is known for drug and alcohol abuse, so La Roca seeks to be an alternative to the norm.  La Roca has partnered with a church and built a skate board park on the church’s property.  La Roca has numerous Bible studies throughout the week, small group mentoring, a skate church and a heart to spread the gospel in the city.  It was fun to meet with Brock and to see his heart for reaching youth in Quito.

On Wednesday, we met again with Adalia House (I spelled it wrong last time, sorry!).  Adalia House rescues girls out of sex trafficking and provides for their emotional, spiritual, physical, and future needs.  We had a great time picking out jewelry and talking about how The Yada Project can further support their ministry.

Tonight we just returned from a 2 day trip off the mountain into the jungle. We will share that adventure with you tomorrow…