Q: What does “fair trade” mean to The Yada Project?

A: We purchase all of our products outright from our artisans. All of our artisans receive a generous fair wage for each product they make. A generous fair wage is a living wage appropriate for the community where they live that enables them to care properly for their family. We believe that poverty is not only an economical issue. The Yada Project strategically partners with organizations that are already caring for the physical (food, shelter, health) and spiritual needs in a community. By providing a market to sell to consistently, we are giving artisans the chance to plan for their future and find hope through ongoing sales of their products.

Q: What does Yada mean?

A: Yada is a Hebrew word that means “to know.” The Yada Project seeks to know Christ and make Him known.

Q: Where do the proceeds go?

A: The Yada Project is a registered 501c3 non-profit, operating as a business. 100% of the proceeds goes back into the development work of supporting, ministering to and seeking out new artisans.

Q: Who is on staff?

A: The Yada Project is all volunteer based. No one has a paid position. Want to volunteer? Check out the “How to Get Involved” tab at the top of the page.

Q: How does my purchase benefit others?

A: The purchase of a product through The Yada Project helps to provide a living wage for people who are struggling to overcome extreme poverty and provide for the basic needs of their family. In most cases it can mean the difference between going hungry or having food to eat, or being able to send kids to school.

Q: When and how does my purchase ship?

A: The Yada Project ships out all purchases within 3-5 days. We use flat rate shipping boxes through the United States Postal Service.