Arco Iris Children´s Home is located in Huaraz, Peru. Arco Iris is the Spanish word for rainbow, a symbol of hope. The children’s home has been running since 2000. The main aim is to care for abandoned, abused or orphaned children, seeking family reintegration. During their time in the home the children are provided with a family environment, food, clothing, education, medical attention and spiritual guidance. This enables them to become healthy adults, restored from the many physical and emotional wounds of their past.

We work to continually improve the individual care plan of every child by seeking the best for each one of them and providing ongoing training for the home´s care team.

The Yada Project has partnered with Arco Iris to further their training program. One of their training programs includes a sewing workshop to teach life skills to the impoverished community and adolescents at the Children’s Home. The high quality, handmade alpaca products provide a sustainable future and a hope.