Casa Adalia is a home that provides a safe and nurturing home for girls in Ecuador.  Adalia means “God is my refuge” in Hebrew.  A dream for Casa Adalia has been to provide vocational training and friendship evangelism to girls who have been rescued out of the sex industry and now live independently or with family.   “If a girl has a problem, even a small one, we want to be there to listen and encourage her to make better decisions.  This could make all the difference for her to remain free of the only life she knew, a life she lived without choice in order to survive.”

The Casa Adalia team work alongside a handful of girls to create jewelry made from tagua, a unique vegetable ivory produced in Ecuador.  The atmosphere is relaxed. The teen girls, some of them young moms, chat with the team about life, ask questions, laugh and smile.  Each week they hear a message of hope and truth from God’s Word.  They learn job skills such as time management, saving money, working hard, and setting goals.The tagua workshop allows them to continue their academic studies, develop positive friendships, and begin to trust that God truly loves them and desires to give them a future filled with hope and purpose.

The Yada Project is excited to be partnering with Casa Adalia to bring hope to daughters of the King.  EsperanzArt creates beautiful, unique jewelry.  Our prayer is that through the sale of this jewelry, that each of the girls will also believe that God has created them beautiful and unique.

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