Give Hope 2 Kids is a non-denominational Christian ministry that’s committed to giving hope to vulnerable children.   Their purpose is to be a family to orphaned and abandoned children.  In the Children’s Home in Honduras, our kids are placed within a true family.  We are committed to raise and educate them until they’re able to be independent adults.  These kids respond so well when we meet their needs, give them family, and introduce them to God’s love.We love introducing kids to new learning opportunities: books, computers, English, music. This is such a passion for us, that along with our kids, we make our resources available to young people from the surrounding villages.  We offer a community library, teach classes, and run a youth group, hoping to spark something great in each young life that will give them a brighter future.

We value a rural upbringing, where kids have room to run and play, and can learn a good work ethic.  Our Children’s Home is on a 100 acre farm up in the mountains.  We’re working to be self-sustaining, growing coffee, mahogany, fruit orchards, and raising livestock.

The Yada Project is thrilled to partner with Give Hope 2 Kids.  The Williams family spent a month at the property of Give Hope 2 Kids and are counting down the days until they can get back there.  The children have fully captured each of our hearts and we are so thankful for the work that Give Hope 2 Kids is doing to give a hope and future to some AMAZING children!  Through the sale of the coffee grown at GH2K, we are working together for a brighter future.  

For more information about Give Hope 2 Kids please visit their website at