Kids International Ministries was established in the Philippines in 2005. It started as a children’s home in a small neighborhood outside the country’s capital. Since then, it has grown into a far-reaching organization with various programs that cater to those most in need of food, shelter, education, and medical attention.

One of the ministries of Kids International is the Cuatro Christian School. CCS seeks to serve the special needs of orphans and children from marginalized communities who otherwise would be left behind due to poverty, neglect and lack of education. Cuatro Christian School opened its doors to the surrounding impoverished communities, many of whose children were not attending school. Starting with 30 students, the school’s enrollment has reached upwards to currently 470 students, its growth hindered only by available resources.

The Yada Project has partnered to provide funding for students at Cuatro Christian School and to sell purses and t-shirts that are handmade by mothers of students at CCS, thereby providing education and opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.