I think we are in Argentina.  And I think it is Friday.  Right?  Ok, I just checked my phone with a map and a calendar and it does say we are in Argentina and it is indeed Friday.  Whew!  We have had quite a week of traveling!  We left Peru on Monday morning expecting to be in Paraguay by early Wednesday morning.  It is now Friday morning and we are still hoping to arrive in Paraguay by tomorrow night.  It has definitely not gone as planned, but we have had fun trekking across Chile and Argentina.

Here is a brief description of our journey this week:

We left Arequipa, Peru Monday morning arriving in Tacna, Peru 8 hours later.  We took a cab across the border to Arica, Chile.  All buses out of Arica were full that night, so we spent the night and all day Tuesday in Arica.  Arica is a beach town at the northern tip of Chile.  We enjoyed some fresh fish and cool breeze.

We departed Arica on Tuesday night to Calama, Chile (9 hours) and immediately caught a bus to San Pedro Attacama, Chile  (2 hours). We arrived in San Pedro Attacama on Wednesday morning at 10 am.

San Pedro Attacama is the driest desert in the world!  Wednesday was Lille’s birthday so we checked our travel book for some fun way to celebrate her special day.  We found sand-boarding.  It was a blast!  Our whole family enjoyed boarding, a hike through some caves and then an amazing sunset with a full moon at the top of a desert mountain.

We left San Pedro Attacama on Thursday morning and took a bus to Salta, Argentina (11 hours).  We missed the connecting bus to Paraguay by 30 minutes so spent last night in Salta.  What to do with extra time in Argentina?!?  Eat meat.  We found a late night parrrilla (meat that comes to your table on a mini-grill) and enjoyed a fill of meat.

We are currently awaiting Don’s return from the bus station with our overnight bus tickets to Paraguay (prayerfully!).  We expect to have about another 18 hours on a bus to Paraguay.

The landscape we have seen the past few days have been amazing!  We have seen desert flamingos, vicuana (kinda like a deer), salt lakes in the middle of the desert, lush green valleys in the desert, and LOTS of card games.

We will update at our next stop…which is hopefully Paraguay!